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Agility: Valkyrie | Tigress| Dryad | Berserker
Strength: Paladin | Treant | Ivory Sentinel | Druid
Intelligence: Summoner | Inquisitor | Priestess | Phoenix Mage | Banewitch


The Valkyrie is a powerful and dexterous warrior, fighting for the forces of good.
Primary Attribute: Agility
Weapon: Spear
Regular Skills
Stuns and deals damage to an enemy at melee range.
Fan Attack
With each attack, a percentage the damage is dealt to all enemies in a cone in front of the caster.
Increases the armor and spell shield of the caster.
Increases the Move speed and Attack speed of the caster.
Throw Dagger
Deals physical damage at a long range to the first enemy unit hit in a line.
Healing Aura
Friendly units in targetted area receive an increase to their hit point regeneration.
Ultimate Skills
Targetted enemy is dealt a percentage of its current health in damage.
Battle Cry
All friendly units around caster receive increased damage for a duration.

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