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Radiance Basics

Radiance is a resource that can be exchanged for a variety of bonuses in Immortal Empire. It can be used to buff your characters, reselect skills, or purchase enchantment crystals.

Radiance is tied to your account, rather than a particular character. This means if you have multiple characters, they can all earn, and spend, radiance in one pool. This makes it convenient to share radiance among multiple characters.

The categories above detail what can be purchased with radiance.

Earning Radiance

If one of your immortals is within a certain number of tiles of a defeated enemy, you will be awarded radiance for that kill. Every second kill is worth 1 radiance. The monster level cannot be below 5 levels of your player for it to award radiance when killed.

Purchasing Radiance

Radiance can also be purchased in a lump sum. This can be an inexpensive way of unlocking immortals or buffing your characters.


Usually 4-5 items are available at a discounted price. Discounted items will not appear on the website, and are only visible when accessing the in game Radiance section. Keep your eyes open for good deals!

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