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Agility: Valkyrie | Tigress| Dryad | Berserker
Strength: Paladin | Treant | Ivory Sentinel | Druid
Intelligence: Summoner | Inquisitor | Priestess | Phoenix Mage | Banewitch


A living tree whose strength and power in combat is unsurpassed.
Primary Attribute: Strength
Weapon: Hammer
Regular Skills
Damages targetted unit at a short range and knocks them back.
Nature's Essence
Heals and restores mana of friendly units around caster
Units in targetted area are damaged and cannot move for a duration.
Colossal Strike
Damages an enemy and surrounding tiles at melee range. Amount dealt is relative to current attack damage.
Targeted unit stays invisible for a duration if they stay adjacent to an object, gains move speed, and gains a damage bonus when revealed.
Hardened Bark
Caster is immune to the specified number of physical attacks, and regenerates HP.
Ultimate Skills
Poison Needles
All enemy units around caster experience damage over time.
Drain Life
Targeted unit takes damage, has reduced armor and spell shield for a duration, and cannot heal during this time.

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