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Agility: Valkyrie | Tigress| Dryad | Berserker
Strength: Paladin | Treant | Ivory Sentinel | Druid
Intelligence: Summoner | Inquisitor | Priestess | Phoenix Mage | Banewitch


The Inquisitor's magical powers give him an innate understanding of another's motives and soul.
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Weapon: Spear
Regular Skills
Wizening Gaze
Targetted unit takes damage and is stunned for a time.
Increases the intelligence of a targetted friendly unit for a duration.
Chain Reaction
Damages up to 7 units in a chain.
Inner Being
Reduces targetted unit's armor, and slows for a duration.
Targetted friendly unit experiences increased hit point and mana regeneration.
Targetted area of effect damage dealt anywhere on the map.
Ultimate Skills
Reveals all units within radius.
Omniscient Grip
All visible units are stunned and take damage for a duration.

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