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Agility: Valkyrie | Tigress| Dryad | Berserker
Strength: Paladin | Treant | Ivory Sentinel | Druid
Intelligence: Summoner | Inquisitor | Priestess | Phoenix Mage | Banewitch


The Banewitch wields chaotic elements of the arcane to fight against evil.
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Weapon: Sword
Regular Skills
Lowers targetted unit's damage, armor, and spell shield.
Damages and slows units in a thick line in front of the caster.
Death word
Deals pure damage to targetted unit, which is not affected by armor or spell shield.
Unholy Energy
Increases damage and attack speed of the caster for a fixed duration
Increases targetted unit's Spell Shield.
Siphon Mana
Drains mana from the target, healing the caster for the amount stolen.
Ultimate Skills
Gravitic Pull
All enemy units around caster are damaged, stunned, and pulled towards the caster.
Enemy units around the caster take damage every turn while the spell lasts.

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