1. Scope

This Policy covers any personally identifiable information collected or stored by Tactic Studios.

2. Purpose

Tactic Studios gathers personally identifiable information when you register for our games to serve the well-being of the game for which you have registered. Your personally identifiable information may be used for:
  • Statistics gathering to better understand our audience
  • Effectively reprimanding users who abuse or break the terms of our services
  • Detecting potential security loopholes
  • Solving technical problems
3. Details

Tactic Studios makes every effort to minimize the amount of personally identifiable information that is automatically gathered by using our services. In addition to information you willingly provide through any of our products, we also store your IP address.

4. Disclosure

Your personally identifiable information will not be intentionally disclosed to any third parties. Note that we use the services of third party servers from 1and1 Internet and LiquidWeb and cannot guarantee the security measures of these external hosting provider's facilities.

5. Deletion

If you wish for your personally identifiable information to be permanently deleted from our records, you may contact us.

6. Protection

Tactic Studios acknowledges the value of your privacy, and uses the same level of safeguards and protection on your personally identifiable information to ensure the security and privacy of our own proprietary information. Note that while we strive to protect your personally identifiable information, we cannot guarantee that the security of our servers is perfect. Large, well-respected businesses have experienced breaches in security, and if we discover that the security of your personally identifiable information has been compromised, you will be contacted via email, if available.

7. Note

Understand that communications you make with other users in our game chats are viewable by other persons. You should not disclose personal information to others using our service.

8. Alteration

Tactic Studios reserves the right to modify this policy at any time for any reason.

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