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Q. Where is the game?

A. You can play the game for free through Valve's Steam client. Visit Immortal Empire's store page on Steam for information.

Q. I have an old account from the web version. Can I transfer it to steam?

A. Yes! Follow the instructions for transferring your account.

Q. Is there a fee to play?

A. You can play the entire game for free. Throughout regular play you earn an in-game currency called radiance which allows you to unlock immortals, buy enchantment crystals, and more. This in-game currency can optionally be purchased with real money. More information can be found about radiance and its uses in the game guide.

Q. What type of content do you plan to add after the initial release?

A. We expect to offer updates to the game content, including new immortals, quests, items, and realms.

Q. Where are your forums?

A. You can join the Steam Community forums to discuss the game. Alternatively, you might consider using a third party website like Reddit.

Q. May I download the map editor?

A. There are no plans to release the map editor to the public at this time, but it is something we will consider if there is enough demand.

Q. Will the game be localized into other languages?

A. There are no plans to localize at this time, but if there is enough demand it will be considered.

Q. I am encountering problems. Where can I find help?

A. You may visit our online help section or contact us by email.

Q. Where are your terms of service?

A. Read the terms of service on our website.

Q. What is the Immortal Engine?

A. The Immortal Engine is the proprietary game engine we used to create Immortal Empire.

Q. I am interested in licensing the Immortal Engine for my own game. Who can I contact?

A. The Immortal Engine is an internal game engine and not intended for licensing.

Q. Where can I ask additional questions?

A. You may direct general inquiries to info@tacticstudios.com.

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