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Glyphs are special items that can only be acquired using radiance. Each Glyph is associated with a specific attribute, has no level requirement, no random variables, and cannot be enchanted with gems or crystals. Glyphs also cannot be traded.

Combining Glyphs

3 glyphs can be combined to form a Phrase or Verse, which can be placed in the same slot as an ordinary glyph.

Phrases are simply the sum of the properties of each glyph used, and any three glyphs (including identical glyphs) can be combined to form a phrase.

Verses are specific combinations of glyphs that must be combined in order and provide the sum of the properties of each glyph used, plus some additional attributes. A verse therefore provides more overall value than a phrase, but lacks customization. Read the full list of verse recipes for more details.

Recycling Glyphs

Since glyphs come in random packs and cannot be purchased individually, you may find yourself with some glyphs that you do not want. Although they can be sold in the store for gold, you will likely find it more valuable to recycle your glyphs. Any three glyphs can be recycled and a new random glyph will be formed, and this new glyph is guaranteed to be a different type from the recycled glyphs.

Glyph List

+10 Agility

+10 Strength

+10 Intelligence

+5% Spell Shield

+5% Armor

+10 Damage

+5 Attack Speed

+5 Move Speed

+5 Spell Power

+10% Life Steal

+10% Mana Steal

+30 HP Regen

+30 MP Regen

+200 Hit Points

+300 Mana Points

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