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Crystals are dropped by monsters after they are defeated. They are more rare than magic items, and can be used to enchant items that you find with additional attributes. There are 8 different types of crystals, each with a different rarity and attribute modifier. Each crystal has a minimum and maximum associated with it, and when you use it to enchant an item, a random value is chosen from that crystal and added to the attributes of the weapon.

You can enchant magic or divine items with up to 5 crystals, which will cause the item to inherit the properties of the crystals in addition to any existing attributes. This allows you to create powerful customised weapons. Charms and Runes cannot be enchanted.

You can also combine 5 crystals of the same type together with no item to form one crystal of greater rarity. For example, 5 white crystals will become 1 green crystal, 5 green crystals will become 1 yellow crystal, and so forth. Upgrading 5 black crystals (the rarest variety) has no effect.

Crystal List

+4-7 MP Regen
+4-7 HP Regen
+3-5 Intelligence
+3-5 Agility
+3-5 Strength
+80-120 Hit Points
+2-4% Spell Damage
+4-8 Damage
Most Common Most Rare

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