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If you are having difficulty connecting, be sure to check the current server status.

  1. Starting The Game
  2. Logging in
  3. Playing The Game
  4. Purchasing
  5. Additional Help

1. Starting The Game

Where is the game?

You can play the game for free through Valve's Steam client. Visit Immortal Empire's store page on Steam for information.

The game fails to run

If you cannot run the game due to a black screen, white screen, or some other error message, there are a few causes:
  1. Your game did not install properly or the files have been corrupted. Try re-installing through Steam. You may want to read this thread where users experienced install issues but were able to resolve them by re-installing.
  2. You have a unique system configuration we have not previously encountered. Please contact us with the details of your system configuration and the problem you are experiencing.

The game used to work but now fails to run

If the game ran before, but now appears in an empty window, or does not run for some reason, you probably need to delete your options file. Follow these instructions:
  1. Close Immortal Empire
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\<your username>\ImmortalEmpire
  3. Delete options.dat
  4. Restart Immortal Empire

The game has significant flickering

Some graphics cards need a special rendering pipeline to enable hardware acceleration. Select the Options menu, and under "Video", click "Alternate rendering pipeline". This should resolve the flickering problems.

If you can start the game to the point where you see a login screen but cannot proceed beyond that point, please look at the following section.

2. Logging In

I get a "Connect Failed" or "Could not connect to Immortal empire servers" error.

This means your computer could not connect to our game servers. Possible causes are:
  1. The Immortal Empire servers are down, possibly due to scheduled maintenance. Check the server status here.
  2. Your router or network administrator has blocked outgoing connections on port 4423. For information on port forwarding, visit http://www.portforward.com
I get an "Account banned" error.

You are banned for breaking the terms of service you agreed when you signed up. For specific information on your ban, contact us here, be sure to include your account details so we can identify you.

I get an "Invalid game version" error.

The game server version does not match the client version you have downloaded. Check to be sure you have the latest update installed through Steam. Compare your version number listed at the top of the login page to the latest version on our changelog.

Check your Steam settings to ensure you have enabled automatic updates, and verify that the update has downloaded and installed. You will need to close the game entirely before an update can be performed.

I get a "Could not validate Steam Client" error.

This means that our game could not verify that are connected to the local Steam Client. Possible causes are:
  1. Your Steam Client is not running. Ensure you are running the game through Steam.
  2. You are logged into a Steam account that does not have the game downloaded.
I get a "Steam servers did not respond" error.

This means that you connected to Immortal Empire's servers correctly, but we could not connect to Steam's servers to perform authentication of your account.

It is most likely that Steam's servers are down. Some third party sites report on Steam's uptime such as issteamdown.com and steamstat.us. It is important to note that we have experienced Steam server downtime even when these third-party services report that everything is functioning correctly.

If you get this message, try reconnecting again at a later date.

I get an "Account failed authorization" error.

This means you are connecting properly and all servers are functioning, but your account is not authorized to play. This could be due to using a Steam account that does not have the game downloaded, or perhaps your account has been banned by Steam.

3. Playing The Game

I don't know how to play

After you have logged in, there is a "Tutorial" button that will walk you through the basics of playing Immortal Empire. When in game or in the menu system, press the question mark button and select "Help" for further intructions.

I don't know how to use chat

When in game, press ENTER to chat to other players. When in the menu system, simply click the chat textbox at the bottom of your screen and begin typing. For a list of chat commands, type "/help" and press ENTER.

The game freezes or locks up entirely

We apologize for the error, as this is likely a bug in Immortal Empire. Bugs of this nature are automatically reported to the developers along with information of what may have gone wrong. We try to resolve such bugs promptly, but if it persists or is preventing you from playing entirely, please contact us with details on the error.

The game runs slowly, has poor framerate, or is consistently choppy

There are several approaches you can take to potentially speed up the game. First, ensure you meet our recommended system requirements below:

Minimum system requirements
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • 1gb RAM
  • NVidia GTX 650 (1gb memory) video card or equivalent

Recommended system requirements
  • Intel i7 Quad core 3.0Ghz or equivalent
  • 2gb RAM
  • NVidia GTX 750 (2gb memory) video card or equivalent
  • 1920x1080 screen resolution

The following options also may help boost performance:
  1. If your monitor supports it, choose a resolution that is 1920 pixels wide. This will give best visuals and fastest performance.
  2. On the options menu, set scale quality to "Low". This will reduce visual quality but run faster for resolutions that are not 1920 pixels wide.
  3. On the options menu, check "Fullscreen" and enable "Fullscreen Exclusive Mode". On some video cards, this will enable hardware acceleration and improve performance.
  4. On the options menu, check "Alternate Render Pipeline". On some video cards, this will enable hardware acceleration and improve performance. Also try this in combination with Fullscreen Exclusive Mode.
The game is slow to respond to my actions

This means that your connection to our servers has high latency. Possible causes are:
  1. Your internet speed is slow or you are performing some other action such as an upload or download that would reduce your internet speed. You can check your connection speed at speedtest.net.
  2. You live far from central United States, where our servers are located. You can check your roundtrip ping time to our servers by typing "/ping" and pressing ENTER in chat. Depending on demand, we may open servers in other locations in the world.
  3. Our servers are unusually bogged down by high traffic. This can happen occasionally, try reconnecting at another time.
My mouse is stuck in the game window

This is done intentionally to make it easier to scroll your view in the game. You can turn this off or on by pressing F12. You can also regain control by switching application focus, for example by pressing ALT-TAB on windows. If you do this, simply click back in the game to return focus back to the game.

You can disable this feature entirely by unchecking "Enable Mouse Lock" in the options menu.

4. Purchasing

I was not awarded an item I purchased using real money

Please contact us directly at gamesupport@tacticstudios.com with the details of your situation.

I was not awarded an item I purchased using radiance

Users occasionally do not notice that the item in question has in fact been activated.

Boosts are shown on the radiance menu under the "Upgrades" window. These upgrades have an expiration window, and it is possible that your purchase expired.

Gold, item, glyph, and crystal purchases are moved directly to your inventory and can sometimes be missed. In most cases, your item is sitting in your inventory.

I initiated a purchase and am stuck with a processing dialog box

This occurs when the Steam overlay cannot be opened. Here are the most common causes:
  1. You do not have the Steam In-game overlay enabled. Steam stores this variable in two locations.
    1. Go to Steam->Settings->In-Game->Ensure "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" is checked.
    2. Go to Steam->Library->Installed->Right click on "Immortal Empire"->Properties->Ensure "Enable the steam overlay while in-game is checked.
    3. You will need to restart Immortal Empire for the changes to take effect.
  2. Your graphics card does not support OpenGL hardware acceleration by default. Steam's overlay cannot function without it. You will need to manually enable it.
    1. Go to your Immortal Empire directory, usually located here: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Immortal Empire
    2. Open the "App" subdirectory and edit the "Immortal Empire.cfg" file in a text editor such as notepad.
    3. Under the [JVMOptions] heading, add the following line: -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true
    4. You will need to restart Immortal Empire for the changes to take effect.
    5. On some video cards, you will also need to select "Alternate Rendering Pipeline" from the Video section in the In-game Options menu.
  3. You are not properly connected to the Steam client.
    1. You need to run the game from within the Steam client, not by double-clicking the executable.
    2. You need to be connected to the Steam servers. When opening Steam, it should not say "No Connection" at the bottom. Try reconnecting to Steam.
I received a "You either canceled the order or were not authorized to complete the transaction." message

This error can occur for many reasons:
  1. You manually canceled the order when Steam prompted you to complete the transaction.
  2. You have insufficient funds in your account.
  3. You cannot purchase through Steam due to a terms of service violation.
I received a "Steam servers did not respond." message

This happens when our servers are functioning but Steam's servers are down. See the "Account failed authorization" point under the Logging In section above.

I received a "There was an authorization error during the transaction." message

This means some unexpected error has occurred. A bug report has most likely been automatically generated, but please contact us directly to ensure a timely response.

May I have a refund?

We are happy to provide refunds for real money transactions of radiance made within the last 48 hours of your request, provided that you have not used the radiance to buy any in-game items. Just contact us at gamesupport@tacticstudios.com and we will coordinate a refund.

5. Additional Help

Where can I get additional help?

You may email us at gamesupport@tacticstudios.com if you are still encountering problems.

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