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Want an opportunity to see your creativity and expertise flourish? Look no further. At Tactic, we're focused on developing high quality, compelling video games that require thought, challenge players, and evoke emotion.

Big fish, big pond

We make big games with only a few employees. As an independent developer, a job at Tactic will afford you the creative freedom to make significant contributions to our games. New employees enter at the ground floor of this exciting venture, where everyone is a key team member, integral to the success of the final product.

Experience matters

Tactic Studios is new, but our team isn't. As multi-disciplined veterans in the gaming industry, every member of our staff has at least 10 years of professional game development experience, including key roles on high profile, critically acclaimed titles such as BioShock 2 and The Darkness II. With extensive hands-on and management experience, we are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of game development and are continuing our consistent track record of success.

A fine balance

We will never mandate overtime at Tactic Studios. You have a life, and your work is a part of that life, not the whole thing. We still work very hard, but our respect of life balance allows you to enjoy the increased happiness and productivity from having a flexible day of engaging, creative work.

Tactic Studios is a small, independently owned video game developer based in London, Canada. We specialize in developing thought-provoking, story-driven games for PC.

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