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Agility: Valkyrie | Tigress| Dryad | Berserker
Strength: Paladin | Treant | Ivory Sentinel | Druid
Intelligence: Summoner | Inquisitor | Priestess | Phoenix Mage | Banewitch


A living tree whose strength and power in combat is unsurpassed.
Primary Attribute: Strength
Weapon: Hammer
Regular Skills
Damages targetted unit at a short range and knocks them back.
Nature's Essence
Heals and restores mana of friendly units around caster
Units in targetted area are damaged and cannot move for a duration.
Colossal Strike
Significantly damages an enemy at melee range.
Caster stays invisible for a duration if they stay adjacent to an object, and gains a damage bonus when revealed.
Hardened Bark
Caster is immune for the next X physical attacks.
Ultimate Skills
Poison Needles
All enemy units around caster experience damage over time.
Drain Life
Targetted unit loses life that is given to the caster.

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